Culture is a complex institution. When culture is combined with nationalism it gives rise to a society that enslaves you under a national identity.It gives rise to a new concept known as “national justice” that in most instance clashes with the concept of social justice which can lead to a very volatile situation as it […]

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Culture is a complex institution. When culture is combined with nationalism it gives rise to a society that enslaves you under a national identity.It gives rise to a new concept known as “national justice” that in most instance clashes with the concept of social justice which can lead to a very volatile situation as it […]

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The altered Fauna in our cities portray a nation under the crunches of a strange dead Victorian culture. The cultural repression inflicted by the monstrous Victorian empire can be seen in the modern architecture of our nation. The Elite architecture of our country religiously pay tribute to the dead empire. Modernizing in many of our cities come with the […]

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Culture is a complex institution. The cultural operating system is the most successful mass manipulation that evolved into a complex institution to sustain the sinister organization known as the society. Society- It dis empowers you, It insults you, It uses and abuses you. The culture takes over consciousness and later the consciousness enslaves you into abiding the cultural rules and regulations. The cultural intoxication has enslaved the society in the most complex ways like consumer capitalism that makes an individual stay in an everlasting loop. The cultural perversion has successfully fetishisized objects and injected it into the world. The manipulation poised even the basic elements of individualism like perceptions of Evil What is evil? The definition of evil is hijacked by religious fundamentalism and even the secular societies equate it with cultural deviations. The preference of an artificial order over the natural way of life is even fed through secular institutions. The definition of good and evil is subjective and the societal definitions of good and evil hinders individual analyzing capability. Culture is a close system that deviates you from self exploration by creating a delusion of cultural exploration and  alienation . It has successfully placed a exploration border. It does’nt matter how much you travel or alter-intoxicate your mind when you’re tied down to a cultural notion of the world
The culture intoxicated consciousness prevents explicit living experiences from changing the way of life because at the end of the day you are crucified to your cultural identity. The first step of enlightenment will be to break free from this hollow system of values. Culture and ideologies strives on ignorance. Instead of feeling identical with the universe, it has alienated us from it.
-Akhil George

Technological Singularity vs Archaic Revival

Who are technologists? The one’s pushing us into a final confrontation with the unimaginable or the one’s pushing us away from an archaic revival. Technology narrows the space between reality and the unimaginable. Technology combined with a psychedelic confrontation may finally help us find ourself. But this risks completion and that takes away the joy of the wandering and seeking. The truth is that we’re all wander junkies and is addicted the ultimate truth. There is no way back to an archaic revival. The technological psychedelic confrontation with the unimaginable is getting harder as the institutional hierarchy is getting more complex. Border dissolution is getting harder as the dominance of language is increasing.

-Akhil George

The message

Society is a dynamic institution. It enforces monotony in our lives using the fear of oblivion and failure. Initially it was enforced through swords and institutions based on hierarchy. Now that further evolution is occurring the physical hierarchies are falling apart. Here’s where we can see the dynamic nature of the so called society as this manipulation is now incorporated intellectually. With human evolution the institutions has now become more complex. The complexity is so much that the delusion of the world turning into a liberal paradise is propagated through State controlled information outlets. The fact that change is inevitable and what is happening to the society is nothing close to radical is nowhere in any information sources.It’s just a recovery from the reign of Abrahamic cultures. The thin grey between reality and delusion has almost turned invisible. It’s much harder to fight the system now as we might be fighting the pawns who are so unaware of this. It’s easy to fight an enemy with a face. The unquenched outrage dominates world as the pretty chaos of the world is been crippled and manipulated by princely aristocratic uptight brooks. The sense of outrage of the stateless are usually portrayed vivid, often too vivid that we now resemble savages who deserve authoritarian governance and societal morals. The mass manipulation of state has always been keen on enforcing an Abrahamic American dream. There was a million years of evolutionary spiritual growth with the nature and then religion happened. The perfect idea of a family,individual,society,sovereignty,nation and equality are all borrowed from archaic Dharmic and Abrahamic cultures and religions. If it wasn’t for their dominance over our ancient way of living we never would have had to deal with racism, misogyny or homophobia. Now that the Grey is vanishing, conventional ideologies and philosophies are now expected to choose a side. The definition of ‘dark’ was infiltrated and manipulated by the authority and the clergy to oppress and label anyone who question the state enforced way of living. The fear campaign against anarchy, Psychedelic spirituality and other state independent or self-enlightening activities and ideologies is just so that it leads to a liberation and a release of one’s way of living to chaos from an artificial enforced order.

-Akhil George

The ‘Living’ Delusion

The journey between maternity and crematorium ends in a controversial confusion between Oblivion and immortality.  Afterlife is the concept of a ‘realm’ that unite western Abrahamic and Eastern Dharmic religions. It can be defined as an extended immortal individual identity which extends beyond the known dimensions, most commonly defined as ‘soul’. Death is not a dissolution or chaos but a door to unimaginable and Unknown dimension.

However there has not been any scientific proof that has denied oblivion after death. On the Contrary the human experience tell us a different story. Many near death experiences has resulted in some experiencing the fifth dimension  in which they claimed experiencing astral projection and encountering a gate or a tunnel. The concept of heaven and hell arose from ancient Egyptian religions and was later adopted by Zoroastrianism and other Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic traditions describe afterlife as a dictatorship of ‘God’ whereas the Dharmic religions believe in reincarnation. Spiritual disciplines teaches us that by death the ‘ego’ dies and an individual is born again. Whereas heathenish religions like Shamanism believes in connecting with the spiritual realm in the dimensional world. These religions emphasizes on astral projection and individual experience which is antonymous to ideologies transmitted hierarchically.

The most fundamental thing that one needs to be aware of is that you and every living organism you see will soon be dead. It sounds gloomy because we have fundamentally devised a culture that resist death. The fear of annihilation that is enforced by the hierarchically transferred religious ideologies may be one reason. Death opens a door to unimaginable and unknown possibilities.

William Blake’s divine imagination defines afterlife as our grandest dream. According to this theory, the only challenge will be to dream a dream that is worthy of that dimension. What would you do if you could be anything? You could build your architectural fantasy or even manipulate your individualism. Death can now be defined as a release into the divine imagination.

The human history pushes for the extermination of this human race just so that individuals can be unlocked from a world of matter, space and energy limited dimensions. We may be trapped in a lower dimensional matrix and our greatest delusion is to cling to this life. Traces of this theory can be found in Abrahamic religions as death in many instances is defined as being ‘born again’. The only way to analyze afterlife is to dissolve the barrier between life and death which is not possible through conventional technology but through archaic traditions found in heathenish religions.

-Akhil George

The Archaic Deception

Terrorism and wars are a symbol of man’s failure as a thinking animal. Cultural illusion has managed to perform a mass manipulation on the most vulnerable sects turning them into vile human beings. Fighting terrorism can be very complex because the definition of a terrorist varies. The perspective on how one looks at this matter redefines terrorism. ‘Terrorism’ when backed by the state can be called fascism. This leads to a situation of the population being terrorised in their own land and referred as terrorists for standing up against it. The mainstream media has somehow convinced us that dropping bombs on people from planes is not as bad as a suicide bomber. The war on terrorism is an ironic concept as war itself can be defined as terrorism with a bigger budget. One way of eradicating ‘terrorism’ would be to stop engaging in it as returning hate to hate will just cause more hate. Terrorism can be described as a systematic war that is not bound by any borders that tries to eradicate diversity. War against terror is mistaken for war against certain religious ideology. This can cause a social unrest that can further widen the gap in the society.

All over the world archaic societies are dragged into chaos because of extremism.  The only way to combat it is using rationalism and secular ideologies. The battle against terrorism is not a military conflict, but a battle of information. Different terrorist groups use a form of psychological warfare as they try to manipulate the most vulnerable using religious fundamentalism and other radical ideologies to create fear and uncertainty. Terrorism is now used by the different world governments to cease their control on population. Of course, preventing terrorism should be the highest priority, but trashing the constitution and the fundamental rights is not the answer

-Akhil George


Sexism is a social disease that can only be cured with rational and liberal ideas, there is nothing as self transforming as an idea as it leads to great changes in the structure of our society. Our society is structured with archaic ideals and tradition which have always reduced the status of our women to mere slaves to men. This is the reason why the word feminist has been increasingly ‘bastardized’ in our country. The very first step in bringing equality in our country is to enlighten the population about the misogyny that rules the society. An enlightenment about individualism always leads to a cultural revolution. An enlightened individual will be less prone to manipulation from culture illusion. We simply have to turn our back against a culture which we had no role in making. Every religion had their role in manipulating the role of women in the society. While Abrahamic religions had their fair share in contributing misogynistic ideals to the different civilizations civilizations, Indian religions comparatively followed a less radical path, but that was till the introduction of manusmriti which reduced the status of women and various other social group.

Women in our country have also contributed to the regression of the status of women by caving into the expectations of the society. No man is as Anti feminist than a women who matches the society’s definition of a modest woman. It is technically impossible to liberate a person who is not aware of the chains around their neck.They will live and die inside this social structures unless they wake up and fight against it. The mainstream media also adds to the menace by portraying women as weak individuals who crave a dominant male counterpart. Indian English dailies were slammed number of times for mistaking cleavage for news. The objectification of woman can be seen in almost all media from soap operas to news.

We proud Indians of 21st century rejoice  when a boy is born, and if it is a girl, a muted or no celebrations is usually the norm. Love for a male child is so much so that from a long time we are killing our daughters at birth or before birth, and if, unfortunately she makes it we find various ways to discriminate her throughout her life. Our religious beliefs make women a goddess but we make sure we don’t recognize her as a human being first.  we worship goddesses but exploit girls. We are a society of hypocrites.

-Akhil George

The Quest for Chaos

The quest to live in this world filled with misogynistic narrow minded regressive archaic greedy radical human beings. We are free independent human beings, why are we still dictated by the state culture and religion?

I’m not denying the existence of God, but I am denying the dictatorship of religion on our individualism.

I’m not saying that all these is a series of accidents and that you’re irrelevant and your pain is not pain.

Nobody in this world gives a single fuck about the other unless something terrible happens. How did we get here?

The Earth is a single entity and we are all a part of it. How did we get to this point were half of us are living in isolation and the other half is living under chains of culture and religion waiting for a revival. The truth is, we are all sick and accepting it would be the first step on enlightenment. Our world is sick and broken but I’m fascinated by it. About 80% of this world are mentally sick. We are waiting for a ‘paradise’ but we fail to aid those go through hell around us. The cultural database doesn’t have answers for anything. The truth about culture is that Nobody knows anything. The systematic deconstruction of cultural bonds would result in individual liberation. It happens through self enlightenment. If you are repeating the life styles of your forefathers then your whole life is a failure. The society is trying its best to do that to you. They are pushing down this archaic values down your throat and you do the same to your kids. It’s a vicious cycle and you didn’t even realize that you lost your individualism. We lie to ourself everyday.

 We were all born into cultures we had no role in creating and we are forced to pass it on to the our offsprings. Each culture alienates their inhabitants from the other They divided us for centuries and left us wounded, which is why we all seek healing voluntarily and involuntarily through sex, drugs and other labeled taboos. Every human recreational activity is a voluntary effort to heal. This sometimes causes chaos in the society and this chaos will lead to self enlightenment. Maybe the whole world was meant to be chaotic. We are not made to be regulated and no state has the authority to regulate and repress us in anyway. You are powerful and independent to choose for yourself. This is not  new age anarchism but the natural order of the world. when did we loose our free will to the Elite among us? Since when did the ideals and ethics of the elite become ours? Since when did we loose our individuality to cultures we had no part in creating. The fact that we are so delusional about the chains is what keeps the oppressor going. We are so unaware of every horrible things done to us. They took our right to self explore and be ourself. They keep pushing and molding us into their archaic cultures and values. Now they are scared, they are becoming weak. It’s starting, a new age of enlightenment , a new age of self exploration and empowerment where the gender,skin or sexual orientation doesn’t define us. A country without boundaries and where people are not governed by regressive violent ideologies.

Our answers to where we came from are exclusively limited. In fact we don’t know anything. The first step to enlightenment is to accept the fact that we all know very little and that we are a long way from knowing it and right now none of it even matters. Our source of light and information should be the database of information and your own gut, not a frozen culture. The entire cultural enterprise is far from truth

You will live and die inside these intellectual structures if you choose to.

Linear values can be defeated not my contemporary ideals. To overpower it we need to go back to the authentic experience of the body. Before man created God and culture and deconstruct these ideologies. The first step to the next font is to prevent marginalisation. You’re the centre of the universe unlike how the culture treats you.

We look for an order in everything, we do not let chaos thrive, which kills any sort of awakening.

The chaos the world has witnessed during the contemporary times usually involve dominance, violence, and repression. This is not what chaos or anarchy. The beauty of self governing individuals is still a mystery. We give the power of governing our individualism to the least among us we loose out on our opportunity for exploration and enlightenment.

-Akhil George